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Folks, once again the Brick House has fallen upon hard times. We have… - Brick House News and Information
September 29th, 2005
06:39 pm


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Folks, once again the Brick House has fallen upon hard times. We have a lot of cool things going on right now such as the Freewheel Bike Workshop every Tuesday and Thursday, the life drawing classes, and the radio project, and if we want to keep going with these things then we need your help.

You can support us in several ways. You can visit our donation page and make a donation via PayPal, or you can stop by the Brick House on Friday October 7 around 6 PM. We'll be having a show that night:

Nashville thrash metal. Read reviews here, here, and here. Hear them on their myspace page.

Noisy Louisville punk rock. Listen to them on myspace.

Cincinnati thrash punks. Look at their website and listen to their music on hxcmp3.com.

"Louisville's answer to Charles Bronson and the Dekalb Wolfpack." Thrash-o-matic.

The show is only $5 but feel free to donate more to help pay our bills.

Thank you for your continuing support. If you would like to put on your own program or event at the Brick House, please get in touch with us.

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